Extreme Standing Mats

5010 at Affordable Prices at Kats Safety
By Working Concepts

Product Highlights
The Extreme Standing Mats are the ultimate shock absorber for extreme standing or kneeling
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Standing on a hard surface for hours at a time is painful. The ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mat from Working Concepts is made to help. The mat is made from closed cell foam nitrile that is a full 1 inch thick. The soft rubbery feeling cradles and cushions your feet as you attend to your work duties.

All sizes have beveled edges with yellow safety caution bars to alert you to the 1 inch difference in height.

  • Keeps body in gentle motion to improve circulation and joint lubrication

  • Eliminates high frequency vibrations

  • Designed for extreme standing at fixed workstations

  • Yellow safety caution bars alert 1" height Material Characteristics

  • 1" thick closed cell nitrile foam rubber

  • Will not compression set

  • Self extinguishing

  • Will not absorb liquids

  • Silicone free

  • Six convenient sizes

Part Numbers:
5010 14 x 21 in.
5020 16 x 28 in.
5030 18 x 36 in.
5032 24 x 36 in.
5035 36 x 60 in.
5070 36 x 84 in.

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